Do I have to sign-in?
The best way to use Haggadot.com is to create an account. That way, you can browse our entire library of clips and haggadahs, save a clip, submit your own content, or create a haggadah.  

How do I share my haggadah? 
You can now share any haggadah by clicking the share button in the top right corner. You can share through many social media apps and by email.  Just be sure your haggadah is set to Public. 

I'm uploading an image, what size should it be?
It's best to make your image square format if possible, and at least 800 pixels on each side. This means your image will be large enough to print clearly on a full page or can be scaled down to a smaller size if desired. You may need to upload smaller images since we can only accommodate files of 2MB or less.

How do I print my haggadah?
Select your haggadah in your library. At the top right corner, click to download. You have the option either to donate and then download, which we appreciate and which helps keep our site accessible, or to just download. Either way, your haggadah is available as a PDF or Word Document, with portrait or landscape formats available.

My community wants to collaborate on a Haggadah. How can we do this?
You can add collaborators to any Haggadah. First, open the Edit Haggadah page and make sure your Haggadah is set to "public". You'll find this option with the title editing tool. Then select "invite collaborators" at the top right of the Edit Haggadah page. You may then enter the email addresses of anyone that you'd like to invite, as well as a personal message. Each individual will then be directed to create a personal account so that they can access the shared Haggadah and independently add clips.

I want to add a page from an old family haggadah. How can I do this?
There are two options: 1) Use your scanner at home to scan a copy of this page. Save it as a JPG and upload it as a clip. 2) Enter just the text of this page as an editable clip. You can enter text by typing directly into the text field on the submit page, or copying and pasting text from a word processing document into the field. Click on the Adding/Editing Content section for more information. 

Can I upload a full PDF with several pages?
Not exactly. At this time, we try to keep all content into modular "clips" which can be mixed and matched from one haggadah to another, so we prefer you take images and texts from your PDF and create individual clips from them. Upload the images as JPG, GIF or PNG files, and copy and paste the text into the clip text editor. However, if you have something that you think is really special and you'd like to share the full PDF, email us and we'll help find a way to make it work.

How do I add/change the cover image? 
On the Edit Haggadah page, you'll see a row near the top with the cover and background. You can change either of them by clicking on the camera icons (circled in red here).

Gretest Hits Haggadah


Can I copy and edit a full haggadah?
If you love a featured haggadah, you now can use that haggadah as a template and add your clips to personalize it. Just click on the turquoise button that says “Use This Haggadah As My Template.”  You can also save your favorite clips from another person’s haggadah to add to your own. This tutorial video will show you how easy it is to add clips to a haggadah.  

Can I edit someone else's clip?
Not at this time. We want to preserve the creative ownership of each author's content, so we only let the author of that clip make copy edits. You can, however, make edits offline once you download a Word Doc of your haggadah. So we recommend saving the clip as-is to your haggadah, and then making changes privately. 

How do I add a clip from a featured haggadah into my haggadah? 
Open the featured haggadah (like this one) in preview mode, then click on the name of the clip you like, such as Passover Remembered.  On the left side of the page is a blue box that says Add to Haggadah. Click there and a pop-up will appear with the haggadot you have created.
Click the name of the haggadah where you want to add the clip and select the section, then click Add Clip. 

How do I find clips for my haggadah? 
With more than 90,000 clips in our library, finding the perfect one for your haggadah can be a bit overwhelming.  There are many ways to find creative clips for your haggadah and we are constantly working to refine our search feature. 
First, start at the Clip Library. You can enter a specific term such as “Coloring” in the search bar at the top of the page to see results with that term in the title. 
We offer several ways to narrow your results. Filter Clips by any Haggadah Section, such as Kadesh or Cup #2 & Dayenu
Or, select a Category such as “Entertainment” for games and pop culture clips or “Identity” for LGBTQ, feminist or disability-centered clips; or "Seder Plate," for creative additions to your seder. 
And, you can further filter your results to select a type of clip to see only images, videos or music clips. 

How do I add a clip I have saved to one of my haggadot?
Open your haggadah in edit mode, then scroll to the section where you want to add a clip and select Add Clip. A menu of clips will appear, including ones you’ve created, bookmarked or that have been contributed by a member of the Haggadot.com community. Select the clip(s) and they will be added to that section of your haggadah.

How do I edit the title of a clip or haggadah?
Find your clip in your library, and select Edit on the top left. In the gray bar at the top, click Edit Title right after the title and you can change the name of your clip or haggadah. 

How do I change content from public to private or vice versa?
For both Haggadot and Clips, find the haggadah or clip in your Library and select Edit. In the gray bar at the top, click Edit Title right after the title of the haggadah or clip and toggle between private and public. 

How do I create a clip with an image? 
Create a new clip with a title, category and section, then select your privacy preference. In the top right corner, click on the icon that looks like a mountain with a sun.
Select an image that is saved on your computer, you can upload a PNG, GIF, JPG or JPEG. Click upload and a thumbnail of your image will appear just above the clip. Add source of the image on the bottom left if you did not create it. Do NOT paste the image in the body of the clip, it will not work.

How do I create a clip with music?
Create a new clip with a title, category and section, then select your privacy preference. In the top right corner, click on the icon that looks like a music note.
Find the Embed Code on Spotify, Soundcloud or another service and paste the code where it says Upload Audio Link. Add text if you want and include the source of the song on the bottom left. If you did it correctly - a thumbnail will appear just above the clip. Do NOT paste the URL for the song, it will not work. Here's an example of what your clip should look & sound like.

How do I create a clip with a video? 
We heard your feedback!  Making video clips on Haggadot.com just got easier!  

Create a new clip with a title, category and section, then select your privacy preference. In the top right corner, click on the icon that looks like a movie camera. Then, simply paste the URL of your video. 

I downloaded a Word Doc, but the Hebrew looks funny. What should I do?
If your Hebrew language text gets reversed when you download your haggadah to Word, you can use this tool to reverse the text back. You can also add the version of Word to include the Hebrew language pack. Some users have also found that if they open the document in Google Docs, the Hebrew looks fine. To update your languages in Microsoft Word, read more here.   


I don't have much time, which curated haggadot do you recommend?
The Traditional Haggadah includes the full haggadah text with Hebrew and transliteration
The Liberal Haggadah offers contemporary interpretations and readings with illustration and all blessings in Hebrew and transliteration
The Minimalist Haggadah has all the core elements for a seder lasting approximately 30-45 minutes
The JewBelong Haggadah mixes the key seder components with pop culture, humor and song

What content do you offer for teens and older kids? 
We recommend a few sources of teen-friendly content.  Rabbi Daniel Brenner and the Milken Community Schools offer several clips appropriate for teens, including some created by teens. The Heroes Haggadah takes inspiration from superheroes and larger-than-life charaters; the Mission From Moses transforms the afikoman hunt into a role-playing game; the One Piece Haggadah adapts a popular Manja series; and the  FriendSeder Haggadah includes lots of great images. And our Haggadah Library has a category of Clips for Teens.  


How do you know that the texts on this site are not prohibited under copyright?
We do our best to review the content submitted daily, but we also ask our users to contribute based on an honor system. If you see a clip that you believe violates copyright restrictions, please inform us and we'll review it immediately. We require all of our users to follow our Sharing Policy.

Do I have to donate to download?
No, but it really helps us maintain the site! We're a small non-profit and we run almost entirely on your donations.  If there's a feature that you'd like to add, chances are that we want to add it too, we just need to fundraise for the technology. Plus, your donation is tax-deductible! With that said, we want Jewish content to be accessible for everyone. If you feel that you can't afford to give this year, don't worry about it. We're still happy to help you plan your Passover.

Who runs this site and how do I contact them?
Eileen Levinson is the Founder & Executive Director of Haggadot.com. Meet our team of professionals. We also work with freelancers, including designers, writers, and web developers. Write her & the rest of the team at [email protected]

Anything we missed?
Write us at [email protected]