With Koreich we make a ceremonial sandwich in honor of a legendary sandwich assembled during Talmudic times. At least Jewish people come by our food-centric customs honestly. 

We know, Johnny. Pizza is basically the greatest sandwich combo, but that’s not what Koreich is. First of all, we use matzah, because, hello, it’s a seder. OK?

Secondly, we use maror, because we enjoy pain. Oops, I mean, we are supposed to symbolically remember our ancestors’ pain in Egypt. There’s also charoset, a sweet chutney-ish side dish made from some of the following: apples, wine, raisins, dates, nuts and various other things; the recipe kind of depends on where you’re from. But basically, people put charoset on their maror and often in the Korech sandwich, which helps with the bite. It’s not pizza, but it’s something.

haggadah Section: Koreich
Source: Esther Kustanowitz & Schitt's Creek